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Location: Washington, DC
Our Role: Project Management
Status: Completed

Project Description

UrbanMatters teamed with Ardent360, LLC, a Virginia based provider of residential and commercial energy improvement services to serve as an Implementing Contractor for DC Sustainable Energy Utility (DCSEU).  The DCSEU was created out of DC’s Clean and Affordable Energy Act of 2008 with a primary goal of increasing the number of green jobs in the District while reducing energy use by 1% annually for District homes and businesses. The UrbanMatters team was selected to perform for scopes of work offered by the DCSEU: (1)  Direct installation for single family dwellings; (2) Low income multi-family complexes: (3) Small commercial, neighborhood businesses; and (4) Intake/marketing and outreach for the Low Income Multi Family project.  This project serves as a unique partnership between the District government, private industry, and organized labor to provide unemployed District residents with competitive wage green jobs while also reducing energy costs for DC homeowners, landlords of multi-family projects and neighborhood based businesses.  The combined efforts of the UrbanMatter’s team resulted in the creation of full time jobs for DC residents including permanent employment, new career paths and the provision of services to allow DC residents to make their homes more energy efficient, comfortable, safer and less expensive to maintain.

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